Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunday best

My babae playing bass at NorthPoint. You can barely see him, but that's him on the end next to the drummer.

Last weekend was crazy, as far as music gigs go. Brad was scheduled for four gigs in a row! I did a little video of NorthPoint's worship service because it was pretty awesome. He was on the East stage this time, so I got some cool views from the balcony. The worship experience was amazing and Brad rocked it...I can never get enough of his playing, he's phenomenal. Love watching him worship.

My amazing bass-player hubby. So proud of him :D

The entire balcony was vibrating under my feet from the bass. Truly the best sound from up there!
***Okay, my video didn't post after all. It was 40MB too big, bummer.

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