Sunday, August 12, 2012

Off to the Coast!

We are heading down South in just an hour! I'm so excited! Excited to get out of this unbearable Bakersfield heat. Staying just for the night and back in time for monday night's hustle and bustle of rehearsals. A few pics from last months trip to the coast....

Thank goodness Redondo Beach is just a couple hours away!! My home sweet home.

a kiss and a hug,


Saturday, August 11, 2012

eclectic nursery inspiration board

I have a friend that is getting ready to have sweet baby #2 in a couple of short months! Her name is Hillary. Not only is she an amazing little mama of a little guy named Blue, but she's also a super talented photographer. You can find her over at the sparklette. She has lived in some interesting places...other than California. She's made her home in NY, Prague, and now- most recently, Portland...with her little family of four.

Her style is colorful, eclectic, and edgy. Her plan is to create a shared nursery space for her son Blue, and the up and coming, newborn bebe. Since baby #2 is a GIRL, Hillary wanted to utilize a fun splash of pinks in the space. We talked about other colors and simple patterns to get an idea of what she was going for. So I went off to work (or play) and put together a fun arrangement of electric colors and cheeky wall art and other fun goodies! 

Here is a sneak peak of some wild and crazy nursery fun. It's probably not your typical nursery design. But it's definitely unique and suits my friends' and her kiddos personalities. I put this palette of goodies together for her to give her some inspiration for her new space!

One of my favorite things, is the pink "There is a WHALE, There is a WAY" wall print. So silly!  

a kiss and a hug,

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