Tuesday, October 16, 2012

grandpa's office

She makes everything alright. Here is the latest of Coral's cuteness. She'll ALWAYS be my sunshine girl.

Taking trips to grandpa's office is our favorite thing to do. She likes to help grandpa on the computer and play with his counting machine. Getting closer to taking those first steps!

I'm back on

All I can say is- well, well well. I'm a pretty horrible blogger. Well at least I know I don't have many readers at the moment on this lovely Earth Blossom blog. So really, this is for me. I want to blog like know one else is reading. Sometimes I think I shouldn't blog unless I have it all together and I have a cool theme or topic and a matching picture. Well, I want to just be real and strip away the fancy-ness of having a 'design' blog or a 'health' blog or a 'green momma' blog.

I've pretty much been a recluse these last 15 weeks. I haven't left a FB status. I haven't instagram-ed. I haven't gotten a haircut! Well, I haven't done a lot except be a mom and a wife. And I'm not sure, but hopefully I've been doing an alright job at just those TWO things.  My emotions have gone to the wild side. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I've been an absolute MESS. Although, I'm feeling quite better at the moment. So much so, that I actually wanted to blog a little something, something. Tonight, this is what it looks like: I just got home from an Italian dinner out with my in-laws (tonight we celebrated Ruthie's birthday). Brad is away at a rehearsal. Coral is stirring and just about asleep for the evening. Even Mahli dog is asleep. So, I made myself a dessert, plopped down in my chair in front of my lovely Mac, listening to some John Mayor "slow dancing in a burning room". My dessert of choice: mixed up some plain greek yogurt, unsalted organic peanut butter, stevia, and scooping it with some sliced apples. Ohhh yeahhh. This makes my belly happy :)

I'm feeling re--lax--ed. Guess what. I got OUT of the house. I took a little breather for myself. For my baby that's growing in me. I met up with my girlfriend Amber---we did a little maternity yoga. Oh baby, I needed it. And I'm out of yoga shape for sure. My legs felt like jello. But I loved the focus of just being FOCUSED on me and my baby. And letting go of these emotions that are holding me captive. I don't really understand the yoga chants, but I like to use those moments to talk to God- who created me and this (2nd) little miracle. Of course, like any other little momma, I L-O-V-E my sweet daughter like nothing else that compares, but gosh darn, I need just a littttttle time away from her to rejuvenate my HEART.

It seems like once or twice or okay, maybe three times a week I get to a point where I get lost in my emotions and sometimes I break down. I guess my heart becomes broken a lot. Part of it might be the comparing game. I look at people around me, read Facebook status', look at Instagram pics, and think - dang why aren't we THERE yet. And what was I thinking, that moving back to my hometown would be a joyous experience? We moved back here last year in May. Why does the grass always seem freakin' greener on the other side every time? When we were in Georgia, all I could think about was California. In California, all I can think about is Georgia. What in the world. Last year when I was pregnant with Coral, I remember feeling happy. A newness of being back HOME. What I had been longing for- to be near my parents again. This pregnancy, I have an 11 month old :) In addition to that, this pregnancy has been a different one. I never thought it would happen to me, silly me, but I've been SICK. I know, I'm complaining and I hate it but I haven't had much energy. I thought that I would be A-okay like last time. As long as I had my smoothies, green drinks, fish oil, probiotics, and vitamin D and doing all my stretches and moving my body. It surely hasn't been the case. This baby and pregnancy is simply different. My body is different! By this point, I wanted to have Coral's big 1st birthday bash and my mom's 60th surprise party completely planned out and finished. I had SO many fantastic ideas from PINTEREST, ha! I don't have anything done yet. What's happened to me? Instead I'm going to have a little birthday party with the fam and a few of my friends. It's going to be special but just not big like I imagined :) My mom will not have a surprise party this year, BUT she does have two extra special surprises, one that involves taking the family to "the big D" (my dad spilled the beans) and the second-she will find out soon and it will involve relaxing for a few days!

I've been having to learn how to balance EVERYTHING in my life. Why is it that I can say I'm "fine" but as soon as my mom asks me how I'm doing (on those break down days), I lose it every time. I did that today. I sobbed. I needed to sob though. Bottling it up is never good for my heart. Hearing my moms voice is almost always what I need to realize everything is going to be okay. I hope I can be that way with Coral.

Some of the thoughts that I'm dealing with today and that have been bringing me to a place of yucky-ness and that I'm going to get rid of: Frustrated that we are back again living with my mother and father-in-law, AND sister-in-law, AND two dogs that manage to wake up my sleeping baby everyday with their awful bark. Being pregnant and not being able to have our own space to make home-y and inspiring and creative. Not having a second vehicle and feeling like I can't escape. Wondering why our situation hasn't changed for a year. Wishing Brad's promotion for full-time manager at FedEx Ground wasn't so far away (right around the time baby Gage #2 arrives). Feeling like a failure that I have yet to get 'my business' of designing nurseries and creating healthy and natural spaces, off the ground.

For the sake of my heart and my new babies heart AND my daughter Coral's heart...while we're at it, for my husband, I have to let go of this 'stuff'. It's gonna happen. And I'm going to enjoy this pregnancy and take some real time for this little momma.

Side note: One reason I haven't instagram-ed lately, my phone slowly and surely bit-the-dust. It got wet from splashing at the pool with babies this summer and since, has never been the same. Well folks, this girl finally got a new phone. I have no excuse now to resort back to my old ways and snap pics of Coral's every sweet move and my daily haps! I'm quite excited. Not sure about Facebook, but I just may return to instagram world. I'm back on!

a kiss and a hug,


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Off to the Coast!

We are heading down South in just an hour! I'm so excited! Excited to get out of this unbearable Bakersfield heat. Staying just for the night and back in time for monday night's hustle and bustle of rehearsals. A few pics from last months trip to the coast....

Thank goodness Redondo Beach is just a couple hours away!! My home sweet home.

a kiss and a hug,


Saturday, August 11, 2012

eclectic nursery inspiration board

I have a friend that is getting ready to have sweet baby #2 in a couple of short months! Her name is Hillary. Not only is she an amazing little mama of a little guy named Blue, but she's also a super talented photographer. You can find her over at the sparklette. She has lived in some interesting places...other than California. She's made her home in NY, Prague, and now- most recently, Portland...with her little family of four.

Her style is colorful, eclectic, and edgy. Her plan is to create a shared nursery space for her son Blue, and the up and coming, newborn bebe. Since baby #2 is a GIRL, Hillary wanted to utilize a fun splash of pinks in the space. We talked about other colors and simple patterns to get an idea of what she was going for. So I went off to work (or play) and put together a fun arrangement of electric colors and cheeky wall art and other fun goodies! 

Here is a sneak peak of some wild and crazy nursery fun. It's probably not your typical nursery design. But it's definitely unique and suits my friends' and her kiddos personalities. I put this palette of goodies together for her to give her some inspiration for her new space!

One of my favorite things, is the pink "There is a WHALE, There is a WAY" wall print. So silly!  

a kiss and a hug,


Monday, July 23, 2012

An old song


It's been a ROUGH one. As I rocked Coral to sleep tonight, I started HUMMING a song. She was having a rough day too apparently. She DIDN'T want to sleep. After a few verses of humming, I started to SING the song. I looked down and she was staring at me. I NEEDED to HEAR this song tonight. I needed to SING this song tonight. It was an OLD praise song from my youth. The good old days of singing SIMPLE praises, usually accompanied by a single acoustic GUITAR and the worship leader, leading.

This was MY song tonight...

FATHER, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you
JESUS, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you
SPIRIT, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you

Memories FLOODED tonight. Church bus rides, summer camp, youth group, choir tour, Mexico mission trips, and my bedroom...

...places where I HEARD this song and SANG this song. This song came BACK to me tonight. Appropriate time. I was HAPPY to sing it to my daughter tonight.

OH yes, I was actually somewhat CURIOUS to see who wrote this neat TUNE, back in the day.

His name is Matt Brouwer.  Check out his website HERE. I read his bio. Pretty COOL cat with a great story. I'll leave it to you, to READ it! He has an album out called "Till the sunrise". I totally want to LISTEN to some of his new tunes...but at the moment...this little girl finally went to SLEEP. Actually, everyone is currently asleep EXCEPT for "mama".

Who knows, I MIGHT have found some new music! And I'm happy to HAVE those sweet memories of my youth. And happy to WATCH my daughter grow up, someday singing these PRECIOUS songs to Jesus.


a kiss and a hug,


P.S. Does anyone else remember this song? What are some of your memories?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Graco: bans toxic flame retardants

One of my FAVORITE websites to find out information on healthy living for little ones is "Healthy Child Healthy World".  This week I read an article that was REALLY encouraging... 

Most of us mama's own BABY stuff from Graco or know moms that do.  Graco is the nations largest Children's products manufacture. The ugly TRUTH is that lots of Graco's products like strollers and car seats, contain "unlovely" CHEMICALS

We have LEARNED that Graco is committing to ban toxic flame retardants from children's products. This is super news! Yay for Graco! Here are a few of the chemicals that they plan to ELIMINATE:

  • Tris phospate chemicals. These include TDCPP, TCEP, and TCPP. All three are either carcinogens or suspected carcinogens. 
  • Firemaster 550. A toxic mixture of ingredients that are up for review by the EPA due to its potential health risk. 
In ADDITION, Graco is being asked to "disclose chemicals contained in their products and develop an alternative assessment system to ensure chemicals are inherently SAFER and lower hazard."

Orbit Baby and Britax have already been on the BANDWAGON to eliminate hazardous flame retardants. 

Read more about Orbit Baby's COMMITMENT to designing beautifully crafted products, along with keeping it safe and free of harmful and unnecessary chemicals HERE.

More on the article from Healthy Child Healthy World HERE.

I just might have to get an orbit NEXT time around :)

In the mean time....

Here are some pics of our family...with our Graco stroller :)

A TRIP to Redondo Beach, CA was all we needed to GET AWAY for a day!

a kiss and a hug,


Thursday, July 12, 2012

8 months

Here we are, honey! 8 months!

We had our own little photo shoot. Her favorite props were mama's multivitamins and a spatula. 

a kiss and a hug,


Thursday, June 28, 2012

to theme or not to theme : inspiration from a tea tin

Okay, let's get going on this again. Five months is way too long of a break, yikes!

Mommy-hood has been such a lovely, crazy, silly, fun-filled adventure. I have a LOVE for this little baby girl that is like no other in the WORLD. She is truly the best. And definitely keeps me on my toes. Like her dad, hehe!

Nurseries, nurseries. I have an obsession. Designing nurseries and kids' rooms is my passion. I believe there is a new movement. A movement that means, we do not have to succumb to the typical old-school nursery anymore. Gone, GONE are the days of going to a baby store, buying a matching set of baby furniture, selecting a cartoonish theme, and depending on the baby gender- decked out in purples, blues, and pinks. This really breaks my heart when I see this. We are much more creative than this now in the 21st century. Oh, it can be eclectic. It can be modern, but not cold. It can be simple. It can be colorful. It can be cozy and soft. And it can certainly be non-theme-y.

During my pregnancy, lots of people would ask me..."so what's the THEME of your nursery?" I was slightly embarrassed the first few times I was asked this question. Especially because I'm supposed to be an interior designer. HA. I must have a theme...right? Of course I had one...it was ever developing on a daily basis. Every night, during those last several minutes before I fell into DREAMLAND, I was designing my baby's nursery. What kind of designer am I without some kind of theme?

My first thoughts when people asked me this...hmmmm. maybe those vintage-y OWLS that are kind of popular? Then I totally decided against this. When things get too popular, it's no longer UNIQUE to me anymore. Changed my mind on that one quickly. I still love owls. But maybe just not the whole nursery.

Do not stress your SWEET little self, if a nursery theme is not coming to your mind right away.

As a designer, I believe it is essential to have something of "inspiration" to get you moving on your space. A book, a color, a flower, an antique chair, or a pattern on your favorite tin-box of TEA!

Look around and you'll be sure to find something that's LOVELY and that sparks a beautiful start to a "nursery theme".

Oh, and if your were wondering at all...

I finally came up with a "theme" to my daughter's nursery! And my daughter, CORAL, is now....7.5 months. hehee.

CALIFORNIA-vintage-sunshine baby


And ever-evolving into a beautiful and sweet nursery


More on nursery themes to come!!!

For more lovely, DOVELY nurseries, come over to my Pinterest page.

a kiss and a hug,


PS - a few nurseries that I'm swooning over. I couldn't keep them from you. A little inspiration for you from Jute Interior Design.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last week Coral and I went on a little adventure! We had our first trip to the mall all by ourselves. She was wide-eyed and taking in everything around her. We shopped around Macy's and visited all three floors. We strolled around in her baby bjorn and she was happy as a clam. The gift card that I got from my parents for my birthday finally came in handy.

She gave me the "yay" or "nay" smile to approve of the outfits that I tried on. It was quite the fun mommy and daughter time!

After three hours, we started to head back down to the car...then I almost forgot I needed to get some socks for Brad! At that point, Coral started to fuss and then broke out in a full on CRY. I debated whether or not to leave and make a made dash to the car OR run up to the second floor and get cozy in our favorite dressing room for a little nursing session. I decided on the second option!

We lost a purple sock on the way...hehehe.

It takes a little bit longer when you're lugging around a stroller, diaper bag, purse, shopping bags...and a little Coral :)

Anyway, we made it through! AND we even found the missing sock on our way back to the first floor, yay.

Admiring her outfit. She has an eye for detail already.

Her new dress that we picked out together.

Mahli wanted in on the girl fun too.

Pooped out. It was a long glamorous day at Macy's!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coral Mae Gage

Coral Mae Gage

This is my sweet baby girl. She's changed my life forever! She's full of lots of smiles and giggles. Tomorrow marks 11 weeks already! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New happenings

It's 3am. Reverting back to my old ways, I guess first trimester feelings and symptoms are coming back. Baby girl seems to be sleeping peacefully at the moment. But mommy is very much awake. I am going on 35 weeks! I know, I've done a horrible job at updating my belly photos...and blog. So much has transpired in the last 4 weeks, I don't know where to begin. Lists. I'm really good at making lists, so here is one....

"Last four weeks of my life"

  • Brad got a promotion at FedEx Ground- PT service manager. My man, I'm so proud. After working his tail off for the last year and a half, he's finally gotten noticed and beat several guys for the position, some that had been there for six years or more.
  • I got a full time position...my second shot at another chiropractor's office in town.
  • I'm having a hard time adjusting to a new style of running an office compared to the one I worked at in Georgia.  
  • This job has been kicking my butt from 9-6 plus a few hours on Sat.
  •  I'm running what should be a "two-girl" show at the front desk. But doing my best as a 34 wk pregnant girl....who, according to my pregnancy books...has an absent-minded pregnancy brain...have you ever heard of your brain actually shrinking during this time?...that's what I've read and would like to blame it on that.
  • I've gained over 30 lbs.
  • I crave cereal, cheese, peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
  • I've discovered pinterest. I heart.
  • Starting this weekend...3 baby showers for the next 3 Saturdays.
  • I got offered my job back from the first chiro office that fired me after the news of my pregnancy. I got the Department of Fair Employment involved several weeks ago to help me with this case...and indeed, they have helped me!
  • I told them I have a new job now....the next step was to request my back pay, from the time of lay off up until the start of my current job. They excepted my offer. Holy cow I was shocked and amazed that they did. 
  • Waiting to receive that check....this week.
  • My little business with "Earth Blossom" has been put on hold...temporarily. But still livng it...the simple and natural way. 
  • Brad and I....now searching for a little rental. Woohoo!
  • We found a Doula! Her name is Emily. We really adore her. Thrilled that she will be assisting us in the hospital for the birth of our first baby girl.
  • What else, what else?
  • Oh yeah we started our birthing class. It's awesome. Taught by a lady named Sharon who teaches the Bradley method way.
  • Hehehe, Brad and I went to the Kern County Fair with our friends Jonathon, Mishael and baby Jordon. After six years of missing out on the fun, we thought we had to go. The worst thing ever. But the highlight was definitely the cinnamon rolls and watching five year olds do a sheep rodeo...I forget the official name of this.
  • We have decided on a name. But it's a secret :D

I think that's a good enough list for the moment. Pictures next time!! Now that Brad's alarm is about to go off for work, I'll try to lay it down again. Geese Louise!

Friday, September 9, 2011


This is Mahli and I so HAPPY, the hubb got the promotion at FedEx Ground and we are more than excited!!! Mahli was smiling too but got camera shy right before I snapped the picture, like she always does.

We went out to dinner with friends the day Brad had his interview~ a pre-celebration, I just had a feeling he would get the job! But here was his fortune cookie from that night.

Tom and Desiree's baby Joel. Snapshot from dinner that night.  Isn't he a cute little bundle of joy? Des calls him her "bundle". Those cheeks and darling red hair, irresistable. What about his eyebrows, Des I think you've been grooming them, they are too perfect like yours always are ;)

I think he likes me. Or he knows that his little girlfriend is growing in my belly! Des claims that they will get married someday. We'll see if he can make it past Brad when he gets into protective daddy mode someday!

I know it, we totally splurged on this one! This is what Brad and I consider our "vacation meal". You've gotta enjoy life and that includes treating yourself to a five layer chocolate cake with raspberry sauce from PF Changs.

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