Earth Blossom is about Healthy living: For our homes and our bodies.

Keeping it simple and keeping it real is what I'm about.

I aim to inspire! You'll find Inspiration for living a vibrant and healthy life. I'll also share tips on natural living, detoxing our homes, detoxing our bodies, interior design, smoothie recipes, and daily haps in my life as a mom.

Now that I'm a new little momma, creating "breathable" homes and designing spaces that are fun and that stimulate creativity~that is my passion.

~Healthy Living Consultant

I will tour your home with you and provide solutions on improving your indoor air quality, as well as give you tips on creating a healthier home environment.
Bakersfield is #1 in its ranking for the worst in the country for year-round particle and short-term particle pollution! We have two options: move out of town or clean up the air inside our homes so we can breath again. This is especially important if you have infants, children, teens, anyone over 65, anyone who actively works outdoors, and anyone with diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or allergies.

~Interior Design Services

Designing nurseries and children's spaces is what I specialize in. My goal is to empower moms (and dad's!) with ways to create your dream nursery, especially if you're on a budget. I'll show you how we can utilize independent shops, handmade things, and other creative ideas for real moms, all while keeping the room "breathable" for your little ones.
After we design the nursery, I would be delighted to give you professional design advice for other family spaces in your home as well.

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