Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lonny mag

The newest issue of Lonny is all about eco-chic and sustainability. Celebrating this month as the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The Lonny mag, in my opinion is the epitome of {green and lovely} :) It can only be viewed online, which makes it difficult to snuggle up with on my sofa, but hey it's a really neat concept. I liked what Michelle Adams (the miss editor in chief) had to say "...being eco-friendly doesn't necessarily mean making radical changes but, rather, more informed decisions."

a couple of my favorite things from their first "green" issue....

Light, Bright and Airy! The curtains are from Michelle's own eco textile line. so pretty.

I hope to have clients someday who like to be bold! This color works well in this fun little powder room :D

I actually found this wallpaper during my final quarter in school and used it in my Hotel design for my senior project! My hotel was based out of San Francisco and it was called The Red Gate...lots of eco-chic-ness in that project. If only it could really be built. Just in case you wanted to refresh your memory on that school project, you can still see it on my website which features my portfolio... It will be under "Hospitality"

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