Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunday best

My babae playing bass at NorthPoint. You can barely see him, but that's him on the end next to the drummer.

Last weekend was crazy, as far as music gigs go. Brad was scheduled for four gigs in a row! I did a little video of NorthPoint's worship service because it was pretty awesome. He was on the East stage this time, so I got some cool views from the balcony. The worship experience was amazing and Brad rocked it...I can never get enough of his playing, he's phenomenal. Love watching him worship.

My amazing bass-player hubby. So proud of him :D

The entire balcony was vibrating under my feet from the bass. Truly the best sound from up there!
***Okay, my video didn't post after all. It was 40MB too big, bummer.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lonny mag

The newest issue of Lonny is all about eco-chic and sustainability. Celebrating this month as the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The Lonny mag, in my opinion is the epitome of {green and lovely} :) It can only be viewed online, which makes it difficult to snuggle up with on my sofa, but hey it's a really neat concept. I liked what Michelle Adams (the miss editor in chief) had to say "...being eco-friendly doesn't necessarily mean making radical changes but, rather, more informed decisions."

a couple of my favorite things from their first "green" issue....

Light, Bright and Airy! The curtains are from Michelle's own eco textile line. so pretty.

I hope to have clients someday who like to be bold! This color works well in this fun little powder room :D

I actually found this wallpaper during my final quarter in school and used it in my Hotel design for my senior project! My hotel was based out of San Francisco and it was called The Red Gate...lots of eco-chic-ness in that project. If only it could really be built. Just in case you wanted to refresh your memory on that school project, you can still see it on my website which features my portfolio... It will be under "Hospitality"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

my mahli girl

Mahli and Brad at the park on Easter :P
Yesterday after work, I went across the street to Nature's Corner Market to buy one more ingredient that I needed to make dinner. For some reason I just couldn't let myself just buy that one thing, so I made my way over to the chocolate bar section and gave in. It's been so long and I decided to treat myself to a chocolate bar. But not just any chocolate bar. It was a 72% raw cacao bar with mint!!!!!!! I actually ate a couple of pieces on my drive home just to make sure it was as good as I thought it was. Fast forward to later that evening....Brad and I had just gotten back home and Mahli was soooo happy and yet extremely guilty. We walked a little but further into our apartment and I saw my chocolate dessert...and the wrapper torn to pieces on the floor. Somehow she managed to steal it from the kitchen counter. She ate my dessert and I was not happy. I scolded that pup! But I could tell she wasn't feeling good. I looked into those pitiful brown eyes and stroked her back. She ended up getting sick early that morning when Brad was getting ready for work at 3am. How excited Brad was to clean up her mess before heading off to work :P Well Mahli has recovered since then I think! I was worried. We searched on the internet "what happens when dog eats chocolate bar" and it was not hopeful. Their is a chemical in the chocolate that can pretty much kill them. So she is definitely okay now. This wasn't the first time she got into my chocolate stash. A couple of years ago, she ate my chocolate halloween cupcakes!!! I don't know about Mahli but I guess I learned my lesson :(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

april showers

It is absolutely pouring down rain at the moment. Rain in Georgia is nothing like rain in California. I guess that's why I love the rain so much. We never got rain in CA. And I guess that's why my husband is not a big fan of it...he grew up here and rain like this is nothing new. Even after 4.5 years of living here, it still surprises me and I love rainy days here. I would love a cup of hot tea right now even though it's not really cold outside. There's never a bad time for tea. I think I need a ladybug umbrella like this one. Thank you Lord for this rain. And thank you that it will wash away all this pollen so my husband can stop sneezing so much :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

newbie blogger

I was waiting to post something until I figure this thing out! But that could really be a while. I know my page isn't pretty yet. But it soon will be! I want to use this to inspire my family and my friends. I'm constantly striving to learn more about what it means to be truly healthy. One thing that really excites me is green and sustainable interior design. What makes a healthy home/indoor environment?? I can't wait to share my findings. I also think it will be pretty cool to see my little journey. I'll also post things that have to do with natural health and nutrition which is another passion of mine :D Since I need a little color on my blog, here is a pretty photo of a lovely dutch tulip field. Thought this would be appropriate for Spring. Yay, it's finally here!
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