Monday, July 23, 2012

An old song


It's been a ROUGH one. As I rocked Coral to sleep tonight, I started HUMMING a song. She was having a rough day too apparently. She DIDN'T want to sleep. After a few verses of humming, I started to SING the song. I looked down and she was staring at me. I NEEDED to HEAR this song tonight. I needed to SING this song tonight. It was an OLD praise song from my youth. The good old days of singing SIMPLE praises, usually accompanied by a single acoustic GUITAR and the worship leader, leading.

This was MY song tonight...

FATHER, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you
JESUS, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you
SPIRIT, I adore you
Lay my life before you
How I love you

Memories FLOODED tonight. Church bus rides, summer camp, youth group, choir tour, Mexico mission trips, and my bedroom...

...places where I HEARD this song and SANG this song. This song came BACK to me tonight. Appropriate time. I was HAPPY to sing it to my daughter tonight.

OH yes, I was actually somewhat CURIOUS to see who wrote this neat TUNE, back in the day.

His name is Matt Brouwer.  Check out his website HERE. I read his bio. Pretty COOL cat with a great story. I'll leave it to you, to READ it! He has an album out called "Till the sunrise". I totally want to LISTEN to some of his new tunes...but at the moment...this little girl finally went to SLEEP. Actually, everyone is currently asleep EXCEPT for "mama".

Who knows, I MIGHT have found some new music! And I'm happy to HAVE those sweet memories of my youth. And happy to WATCH my daughter grow up, someday singing these PRECIOUS songs to Jesus.


a kiss and a hug,


P.S. Does anyone else remember this song? What are some of your memories?

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