Thursday, June 28, 2012

to theme or not to theme : inspiration from a tea tin

Okay, let's get going on this again. Five months is way too long of a break, yikes!

Mommy-hood has been such a lovely, crazy, silly, fun-filled adventure. I have a LOVE for this little baby girl that is like no other in the WORLD. She is truly the best. And definitely keeps me on my toes. Like her dad, hehe!

Nurseries, nurseries. I have an obsession. Designing nurseries and kids' rooms is my passion. I believe there is a new movement. A movement that means, we do not have to succumb to the typical old-school nursery anymore. Gone, GONE are the days of going to a baby store, buying a matching set of baby furniture, selecting a cartoonish theme, and depending on the baby gender- decked out in purples, blues, and pinks. This really breaks my heart when I see this. We are much more creative than this now in the 21st century. Oh, it can be eclectic. It can be modern, but not cold. It can be simple. It can be colorful. It can be cozy and soft. And it can certainly be non-theme-y.

During my pregnancy, lots of people would ask me..."so what's the THEME of your nursery?" I was slightly embarrassed the first few times I was asked this question. Especially because I'm supposed to be an interior designer. HA. I must have a theme...right? Of course I had was ever developing on a daily basis. Every night, during those last several minutes before I fell into DREAMLAND, I was designing my baby's nursery. What kind of designer am I without some kind of theme?

My first thoughts when people asked me this...hmmmm. maybe those vintage-y OWLS that are kind of popular? Then I totally decided against this. When things get too popular, it's no longer UNIQUE to me anymore. Changed my mind on that one quickly. I still love owls. But maybe just not the whole nursery.

Do not stress your SWEET little self, if a nursery theme is not coming to your mind right away.

As a designer, I believe it is essential to have something of "inspiration" to get you moving on your space. A book, a color, a flower, an antique chair, or a pattern on your favorite tin-box of TEA!

Look around and you'll be sure to find something that's LOVELY and that sparks a beautiful start to a "nursery theme".

Oh, and if your were wondering at all...

I finally came up with a "theme" to my daughter's nursery! And my daughter, CORAL, is now....7.5 months. hehee.

CALIFORNIA-vintage-sunshine baby


And ever-evolving into a beautiful and sweet nursery


More on nursery themes to come!!!

For more lovely, DOVELY nurseries, come over to my Pinterest page.

a kiss and a hug,


PS - a few nurseries that I'm swooning over. I couldn't keep them from you. A little inspiration for you from Jute Interior Design.

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