Friday, September 9, 2011


This is Mahli and I so HAPPY, the hubb got the promotion at FedEx Ground and we are more than excited!!! Mahli was smiling too but got camera shy right before I snapped the picture, like she always does.

We went out to dinner with friends the day Brad had his interview~ a pre-celebration, I just had a feeling he would get the job! But here was his fortune cookie from that night.

Tom and Desiree's baby Joel. Snapshot from dinner that night.  Isn't he a cute little bundle of joy? Des calls him her "bundle". Those cheeks and darling red hair, irresistable. What about his eyebrows, Des I think you've been grooming them, they are too perfect like yours always are ;)

I think he likes me. Or he knows that his little girlfriend is growing in my belly! Des claims that they will get married someday. We'll see if he can make it past Brad when he gets into protective daddy mode someday!

I know it, we totally splurged on this one! This is what Brad and I consider our "vacation meal". You've gotta enjoy life and that includes treating yourself to a five layer chocolate cake with raspberry sauce from PF Changs.

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