Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey! Another cool place to go for cool reusable stuff. Please check out their website. I think you'll fall in love too.

It's a website that sells..."reusables for every part of your life"

Part of their VISION statement talks about the issue of the plastic bag. Almost all of us use them, all the time. Along with the use of disposables, it is out of control. They are "powerful symbols of consumption gone wild".

Another company helping to make mindless over-consumption of use and toss items, a thing of the past.

Here are a couple of things that I kinda fell in love with...

A double wall glass water bottle with stainless tea filter. Beautiful and genious.

Microfiber cleaning cloth with scrubber. A nice alternative to those yucky scrubby brushes or sponges. Just throw it in the wash! Simple and brilliant and they really work.

What it might look like hanging in your sink. Working hard for those dishes :)

Reusable produce bags. I really would love to get some of these.
Just take them with you to the grocery store, isn't that cool? See-through for easy checkout! can even rinse your produce right in the bag.

This is another item I heart :)
A lunch purse! Every women should have one don't ya think? Would make a pretty groovy gift I think.

Fun colors to choose from. I still like the green and white one though.
To celebrate their GRAND OPENING, they are giving 20% off for any order over $50. Just use EGrandOpen at checkout. Oh, and the sale is through this Sunday....
Just wanted to share. Thought these were "Green and Lovely" worthy ;)

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