Friday, October 22, 2010

Sustainable Cali home

Recently, I've been learning more about water-conservation for the home, through my Greene Irene training. Somehow ... I made my way over to Kohler's website. Always gotta check out what's new! What I found ... lots of stylish faucets with eco-friendly technologies. I actually came across a beautiful "hillside home" in Marin County, California. It's the first LEED-Certified Platinum home in that area. The design professionals teamed up with Kohler in helping create this hillside beauty. Here are some of it's very cool features...

* in-floor hydronic heating
* solar ray-providing 60% of home's electricity
* LED lighting
* cabinetry and floors made from sustainably harvested woods
* roof made of recycled metals

This one just made me smile. I'm trying to pay attention to the design and the sleek architectural lines, but the mirror caught my attention. My mom loved to sing this song to us kids in the morning :D

Cabinets are made out of reclaimed wood...and the front of the bar is coated in chalkboard paint. Fun way to assign seating.
They even included an outdoor bath!
Visit the home's website to see even more

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