Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family love

Three generations - Mom, Grandma, Me (the fourth still cooking!)

It's soooo hard to believe! Brad and I have been here in California for three months already. What's even more difficult to believe - three more months and our baby girl will be making her arrival! She's going to be so welcomed by all our family and friends here.  And that's what I have to keep on remembering...some days I honestly get down in the pits about this crazy move across the country. Things aren't happening as quickly as I imagined they would. Letting go of expectations has always been a hard one for me. We're not settled into our own little home yet, I haven't found a full-time job in my field, Brad is sooo close to getting a promotion at FedEx but still waiting (we should be finding out news by next week!). I never thought I would miss Georgia so much. The list is unending.

Lots of days I ask God to just show me a little glimpse and remind me again why we moved to Bakersfield. And then I find myself sitting across the table from my parents talking and laughing about all kinds of things...moments that I've been longing for, for the last six years that we were back in Georgia. Now we're back home again with them and it feels awesome to be able to see them more frequently than just once or twice a year. My parents and in-laws are all so giddy about getting to see their new grandchild. Seeing them hold our first little newborn for the first will all be worth the move. 

Mom and I enjoying family and Cheesecake on the coast!

Dinner with Mom and Dad, Matt and Brad

In-laws Ruthie, Rachel, John - and friends from church

Joe and I - little bro

Matt and Mahli on our way to LAX

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