Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's 3am and I must be...

Pregnancy. I love it. I love when Brad talks to my tummy. I love waking up and admiring how much the little bun is growing. I love being able to eat watermelon all day. I love how I feel right now, especially after making it past the first trimester! I hate complaining about anything, but here is just one's stinky waking up at 2 or 3, having to go pee...making my mad dash to the bathroom and then stumble back into bed and...nothing. Laying there wide-eyed and completely awake, with no hope of falling back into dreamland. 2 hours will pass before I can get tired again. I'm finding though, that this seems to be when my mind is most creative! So that's cool. I can come up with cool names for my dream business, my babies middle name, floorplans for the baby room, and maternity clothing that I want to design someday. This morning, unlike the last few mornings, I never was able to go back to sleep. I felt a little mad honestly. I knew that I would be a "boob" today if I didn't get my sleep. I feel silly now though, because I should probably get used to this. As soon as baby is here, I won't get the beauty sleep that I'm used to. I need to get over it and use this time "wisely". Maybe I could do some baking! Or try to sew something...

 Here is Mahli before Brad and I walked out the door for church this morning

  The room was STACKED with sheet music. She found one little spot in the center and made it hers!


  1. She is so darn cute! Atleast she didn't run through all of the stacks and mess them up :)

  2. Hehe, she is such a funny girl! Can't wait to see what she's like as a "big sister" when the baby comes.


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