Saturday, June 18, 2011

19 Weeks

                                                        "Little bun's" mommy and daddy

Today the babe is going on 19 weeks!  I have yet to feel a strong kick from the little one, but sometimes I feel some swirling around and just the tinniest of movements, especially when laying down at night. This coming Tuesday is the big day...ultrasound with the doctor and possibly get to find out if it's a boy or girl :D  It's very exciting! My mother-in-law and sis-in-law have been knitting a few things already and have a slight guess that it could be a girl. Most of my friends and family all say they just know it's a girl and sometimes slipping and calling it a "she". One friend said she can't imagine anything else but a "little Lisa" running around. It's pretty cute. I do have a girl name picked out, and the Hub and I are still working on a boy name idea. At first all I could think of was having a little girl like most new first time moms, but a lot of my girlfriends actually have boys and I think it would be totally fun with a boy too...a little scary--knowing how crazy my husband is and stories of his "little-boy" rambunctious ways--but great. It's really just a miracle and I'm just so thrilled to finally have our first baby and start our family. Having our "Mahli-woof" has been good practice for the last 9 years, but it's time for the real deal baby ;)

This morning, I'm hoping to make some homemade pancakes. I'm in love with my book "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook" I can tell how excited he is, to prepare food, just by reading his recipes. So far, I've been able to make nothing but AMAZING yummy food. I even made a "Beef Wellington" entre the other night, which I believe is an English was so fun and unique. So we'll see if they'll let me back in the kitchen this morning!! I've been kinda taking over a bit. Last night I had my mom and dad over for some fajita tacos. I LOVED hanging out with them more than anything. And the fajitas were also another hit...from Jamie's book.

                                                Showing off my mad tomato choppng skills

After breakfast, I'm heading off to a local farmer's market to see what I can get into!!! I really want my growing baby to experience tons of fresh, local, organic and just different varieties of fruits and veggies.  I've read how even now, their little taste buds are developing and enjoying whatever mommy is it has to be the best much as possible, especially after it's born. Oh yeah, this baby is going to love eating kale and spinach and all kinds of exotic fruits and veggies.  

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